ABout us

Core Vision

We thrive to bring about the technological advancement of Africa with products and services that are globally competitive thereby challenging the status quo

SchoolBOOX Mission

We are focused in building an online school community that connects students, educators, school administrators and parents globally driving to prosper the education space in Africa

Company Values

Customer Affection is tops on our core values hierarchy, we ensure the handled with prestige, treated with high level respect and are cared for always because we believe a happy and satisfied client will always drive our clientele

We believe in Innovation and we create an environment that stimulates technological creativity, inventive thinking and a problem solving mindset that proffers breakthrough solutions to the demands and needs identified in the educational tech space. It’s in our setup to come to work every day with innovation in our backpack.

We are  Service oriented, we breath service and this has overtime become our core strength  and we express this naturally in providing world class services with an orientation that facilitates loyalty expressed in our goal in helping our clients achieve their vision

Our Hardwork philosophy is rooted in our deep belief that nothing works until you work it out. We engage this virtue as a company as we thrive to achieve our vision and satisfy our clients at all times.

Excellence is part of our system and this influences our culture, service delivery, product design and our relationship with team members and clients as we love to treat them exquisitely

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